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What We Need Is Mercy

This weekend’s gospel offers one of the most troubling parables from Jesus. He compares the kingdom of heaven to a landowner who hired laborers for his vineyard. He hired workers at dawn, at nine o’clock, at noon, at three o’clock, and at five o’clock. When the day was over, they all received the usual daily wage. Right away, it seems unfair. How can the owner give the same pay to the ones who worked the whole day and the one who worked only a couple hours? It is disturbing and upsetting how inconsiderate the owner is to the workers who worked all day long. What is the lesson Jesus wants us to learn through this parable? The message is that God always gives us what is fair; but some people get more than what is fair—God’s mercy.

God is just. Everyone will get justice from God as the workers did from the landowner. He agrees with all the workers to pay what is fair. It wasn’t up to them to decide what they were supposed to get, but they got what they justly deserved. In the same way, God gives people what they deserve. God is just and he will always act with justice.

God is merciful. Mercy is a gift through which God understands our needs. It is the compassion towards another and the readiness to assist. We will all get justice, what we deserve; but we only hope to get mercy, which we don’t deserve. God is entirely free to choose those who receive mercy because that is more than what is fair. How can we obtain the mercy of God? We have to ask for it. When did you ask for God’s mercy? God is longing to be asked for mercy. We are not too good to ask for it.

Religious Education/ Catechetical Sunday
Saint Catherine Laboure is so blessed to have programs that educate our children in the Catholic faith. The Religious Education program, directed by Sister Nadiya, helps parish families to integrate the love of God in their daily lives. All catechists contribute to the lifelong faith formation of the children and the families. Our faith is fully alive when families engage in evangelization and catechesis in their parish communities.

We commend all the catechists and teachers from the English RE Program, the Spanish RE Program, the SPRED program, Youth Ministry and the school. Your dedication and love for the children and youth make a huge difference in their lives and the world. As a parish, we pray for you this weekend as we celebrate Catechetical Sunday.

Fr. Lara