Ways to donate to the parish offertory for St. Catherine Laboure

  • Send your weekly offerings through the mail to:

    SCL Parish Offertory
    3535 Thornwood Ave.
    Glenview, IL 60026

  • Donate through website
  • Using the Chicago Archdiocese website
  • Using your Mobile Phone with Text-to-Give (which is part of
    With your smart phone, scan this QR code which will take you to our online giving platform at GiveCentral.
    or... Start a new text message to this number: 847-262-4981
    Then use this chart below to indicate the type of donation:

    Use this keyword To Donate to Parish Related Collections:
    Sunday Your weekly offering
    Christmas Your Christmas offering
    Easter Your Easter offering
    SCLfund Support school families with tuition assistance
    Holy Day Holy Day
    Building The current Building Fund project
    SPRED SCL’s Special Religious Development ministry
    Chapel Help maintain Holy Family (Adoration) Chapel
    Ourlady Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
    SCLsvd SCL’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul
    Intention $10.00 suggested donation for Mass intentions

    Use this keyword To Donate to Archdiocese Related Collections:
    Ricebowl Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Fund
    Latin The church in Latin America
    Appeal Annual Catholic Appeal
    aideurope The Church in Central and Western Europe
    Holyland Holy Land
    Charities Catholic Charities-Mother's Day
    Priests Priests' Health and Retirement
    Peter Peter's Pence
    Missionary Missionary Co-Op
    Seminarian Seminarian Education
    WorldMS World Mission Sunday
    CCGHD Catholic Campaign for Human Development
    RetireFFR Retirement Fund For Religious

    Press Send and wait briefly. You will receive a text back that says, “Please click on the link to complete your payment.” Touch the link and it will bring you to the GiveCentral website and the St. Catherine Labouré account for the donation choice you made.

    You will be asked to enter your first and last name, email, billing zip code, user name (or you can opt to be a guest), payment frequency, amount, end date, and your payment method—either credit card or bank account.

    If you choose credit card, you’ll be asked for the card number and expiration date. If you choose bank account, you’ll be asked for the bank name, name on the account, bank routing number, and account number. At that point, you’ll click on “Submit Form.” Shortly afterward, you’ll receive an email confirmation thanking you for your donation.

    For additional information and dates on special collections - click here"

    Thank you for your support and generosity!